What we do

Smiths Forges lead the way for technology innovation at Smiths. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are helping Smiths make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

We are centres of excellence for Smiths, building capability that will be core to the products that will be creating value for our customers and the world in the future.

Our Core competencies

  • AI-icon-green@2x
    AI and machine learning
  • data-analytics-icon-green@2x
    Data analytics
  • connectivity-icon-green@2x
  • data-security-icon-green@2x
    Data security

Smiths has a unique ability to bring together and merge the physical capability of our installed base of products and the digital transformation of the markets we work in.

Our markets

  • Security-icon-green@2x
    Security & Defence
  • Industrial-icon-green@2x
    General Industrial
  • Oil-gas-icon-green@2x
  • Space-icon-green@2x
    Space & Aerospace
  • Medical-icon-green@2x
    Medical Technology

When you travel by air, visit the doctor or use your phone, go through an airport, or heat your home – look closer and you will see us.

Smiths invents, designs and delivers solutions that keep systems working, operations running and the modern world turning.