Who we are

At Smiths we enable modern life. We make the world safer, healthier and more productive. Look closer, and you will see us. Helping solve the world's challenges. Innovating for our customers. Creating the future.

Forging ahead

Smiths Forges are start-up incubators, where we can push the boundaries of our technologies, try new ideas, be agile and fail fast.

Smiths Forges is driven by a team of innovators, focused on the future. Working together with the Smiths businesses and our customers, we are building the technology competencies needed to make the world a healthier, safer and more productive place.

Our work drives positive change in some of the world’s most vital industries, touching the lives of millions of people.

Start-up sensibility; Smiths scale

  • c.22,000
  • 50+
  • 167
  • £3,213m

Proud to be Smiths

Our solutions touch the lives of millions of people every day. 

Hear about the role we play in the world, the markets we serve and the amazing capabilities of our products, from the colleagues who are helping Smiths become one of the world's leading technology companies.

Leading the team at the Forges

Samit Basu - Chief Digital Officer

Samit is an expert in signal and image processing, system design, computed tomography, inverse problems, electrical engineering and software engineering, and holds over 70 US patents.

Before joining Smiths, Samit was Chief Technology Officer at Morpho Detection and has also worked at the GE Global Research Centre.

In his spare time, he is an open source coder and sings in a rock band.

Keir Boxshall - Head of Innovation

Keir is responsible for i3 – Smiths framework to enable growth through innovation. It focuses on six areas: culture, horizon scanning, synergies, capabilities, investment and new products and services.

Keir has always been a lover of science, technology and innovation – from Lego building blocks as a child, to molecular building blocks used to create biomaterials at university, to the building blocks of the Smiths technology roadmap today.